Positive Vibes Crew - Shaun Michael & Shumba Youth - Reach for the Stars

from by Positive Vibes Crew (Shumba Youth & Shaun Michael)



Triumph faces despair, it's a message song full of energy.


Shaun Michael
Who is really living and who is really focused, is your mind gone, devoured by the locusts & shut down by the barriers
& the close doors, all of the things that you hope for
shame freedom was a thing they never really saw
but if your human, just.

Shumba Youth
Cmon & reach, reach for the stars, then you find out who you really are.
Reach reach for the stars, then you find out who you really are.

Shaun Michael
Whats the difference between you & I, I? reach for the stars my head is at the bass of each guitar, i feel like a spaceship racing through the stars, i see the signs, Scorpio, Leo, Capricorn no answers, so no matter how they try to knock me down i keep on fighting, looking at the stars, above the horizens its all in time, it's all in your mind, right behind? The clogs of time. I set the level now lower the tone, patrons on the table, raise then glass pour the juice, its like Siera Leon, close to the top & were not even on. on. on.

Shumba Youth
Cmon & reach, reach for the stars, then you find out who you really are. Then you find out who you really are.

I see nough, kids having babies, youths going crazy a lot of our peers are pushing up dasies, times getting wicked and the future is hazy
even when this system seems to faze me,
no time for stop, no time for lazy, each & every day life still amaze me, (life still amaze me) lift up your head its a bright day, no hot stepping
we moving the right way, player haters don't you even try me
the whole of them going on dirty sheisty,
I just, dust, dust dust off my shoulders were
just just stepping it bolder, we just don't care
we straight & clear, moving yes we grooving elevate without a fear.


Reach out..

Shaun Michael

This is the vibe we bring right around the entire world

Reach out

Yes Iyah you know seh we keep it bopping & a sway

Shumba Youth
Reach mek mi reach out woii, reach mek mi reach out there,
Reach mek mi reach out there. woii, Reach out!

Shaun Michael

All i ever seem to talk about is stars, but they seem to inspire me,
where im at right now its hard, but im the last of a dying breed
i left the winter with a broken compass, but now the summer is mine
navigation like Christopher Colobus, don't show no star signs
im running from the hands of the time, but im a master mind of destination
on the boat looking through the peep hole of my scope,
looking at the stars my destination,
I set the level, now lower your tone, patrons on the table, raise the glass & pour the juice, its like sierra leone, we close to the top & were not even on.



from Around the World EP, released May 2, 2014
Dennis Kuhn Nonpareil as producer
Lewis Pike as Composer



all rights reserved


Positive Vibes Crew London, UK

When the music hits, you feel no pain. From baselines to guitar chops; the Positive Vibes Crew entertain with fantastic yet versatile, DJ sets & captivating live performances (with or without the backing of a Live Band). With the strong hold & embracement of many Afro cultures this team specialises in music of the African Diaspora, & everything it has influenced. ... more

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